AMPED: Advanced Materials, Processes, and Energy Devices STC

The Advanced Materials, Processes and Energy Devices (AMPED) Science and Technology Center (STC) is an ASU research and development center supported by the Arizona New Economy Initiative. STCs are responsible for leveraging ASU-industry partnerships to enable research innovation, entrepreneurship and tech transfer in areas key to the future of Arizona’s economy.

The AMPED STC seeks to create the materials and devices needed for broad electrification of the energy sector and has three thrust areas: photovoltaics, batteries and power-electronic devices.


Focusing on increasing the efficiency and reliability of solar cells while decreasing the cost of building and installing solar cells through enhanced learning cycles, research and industry collaborations.


Working to increase the power density of batteries while decreasing battery size through new materials and process and manufacturing techniques to improve the future of power storage.

Power electronics

Moving power efficiently between storage, transmission and devices and moving power from DC to AC using novel techniques, unique materials and new manufacturing processes.

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Current Projects

Development of low-cost lithium-ion battery recycling and upcycling methods using environmentally benign processes

PI Candace Chan

Suns-ERE: A characterization tool to accelerate the learning cycle of thin-film photovoltaics

PI Zachary Holman

Design Methodologies and Innovative Hardware to Realize Small Form Factor, High-Performance Point-of-Load Converters

PI Jennifer Kitchen