EXTREME: Extreme Environments STC

The Extreme Environments (EXTREME) Science and Technology Center (STC) is an ASU research and development center supported by the Arizona New Economy Initiative. STCs are responsible for leveraging ASU-industry partnerships to enable research innovation, entrepreneurship and tech transfer in areas key to the future of Arizona’s economy.

The EXTREME STC seeks to develop technology to make population centers more resilient in the face of changing climate by reducing the impact of airborne emissions, urban heat island effects and threats to water supplies and quality through innovations in monitoring, processes and materials. The EXTREME STC has three thrust areas: air, water and heat.


Developing strategies and technologies to monitor, offset and reduce air pollution and greenhouse emissions, control fugitive dust and assist government agencies in implementing clean air approaches.


Designing technologies to access and manage new or existing water sources, dispose of wastes from desalination, softening or other processes, detect and treat water pollution, manufacture and scale-up technologies, and help industry meet corporate sustainability goals.


Engineering innovative strategies within the built environment to combat adverse thermal impacts on outdoor workers, manage temperatures inside and near buildings, increase infrastructure heat resilience, meet net-zero building standards, and repurpose waste heat.


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Funding Opportunity Announcement

EXTREME is soliciting proposals for corporate projects, due May 31.

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Current projects

First projects will be announced in Spring 2023.