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Preparing the workforce of the future

Rapid technological change is disrupting a wide range of economic sectors and creating new opportunities for Arizona to grow as a high-tech leader. ASU’s charge from the state of Arizona is to help build a robust workforce equipped with the skills to drive growth industries – and to guarantee that Arizona’s businesses have access to the talent they need to prosper.

ASU is advancing multiple programs and opportunities to meet the needs of employers and workers alike through rapid upskilling and re-skilling in high-demand fields. These programs will help to ensure that Arizona citizens have what they need to land good paying jobs and that businesses are equipped with a skilled workforce to help them thrive in a diversified high-tech economy and contribute to statewide prosperity.

ASU’s workforce development programs complement the university’s robust portfolio of offerings to prepare traditional learners for New Economy jobs.

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CareerCatalyst: Creating opportunity and meeting industry needs

Arizona State University CareerCatalyst was launched to leverage the expertise of ASU’s world-renowned faculty and industry experts to develop broad career education programs for working learners. Using the latest in workforce education technology, CareerCatalyst’s learning design specialists develop programs that engage learners with practical, real-world learning experiences that serve learners and employers in New Economy industries.

To be successful, Arizona’s New Economy industries need a workforce that is broadly prepared with a wide range of job skills. ASU collaborates with industry partners at every stage of CareerCatalyst program development and delivery to ensure that programs create immediate value for Arizona. CareerCatalyst has a broad approach to skills education, covering professional soft skills that are relevant in every industry, including in technical roles, and technical and functional skills, which relate to specific job functions. CareerCatalyst programs serve learners at every stage in their careers, from entry-level to executive roles.

Professional Skills for Everyone Series: on-demand training for leadership

Most people focus on learning the hard (technical) skills  to perform their job effectively. Yet, what often sets top performers apart are their professional soft skills. These skills are the human abilities and behaviors that make professionals more effective in any work environment, such as communication, collaboration, teamwork, conflict management and strategic thinking.

Designed by leading ASU faculty, the Professional Skills for Everyone series empowers people with practical skills they can use right away to raise their performance on the job and move ahead at work. Programs are flexible, affordable, and valuable for learners in any industry.

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Growing the Pipeline of Talent for the Microelectronics Sector

The world runs on microchips. They drive our phones, computers, appliances, cars — virtually everything with an on-off switch. This sector is growing quickly in Arizona, and ASU is committed to developing a diverse pipeline of talent – including technicians, engineers, and business experts – to support the growth of the microelectronics sector.

With the launch of the Microelectronics Specializations Portfolio, ASU provides learners with the engineering skills essential to understanding and working with each key step in this vital industry: materials, tools, design, applications, manufacturing processes and packaging.

Developed by the Fulton Schools of Engineering team, these nine specializations provide learners with in-demand skills and credentials they can leverage in a variety of pathways into the microelectronics sector.

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ESG and Sustainability Principles for Business

As companies continue to adapt to a changing economic and environmental landscape, they face increased scrutiny from consumers, employees, investors and other stakeholders who demand accountability and transparency around environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability practices. Today, few employees have these skills, creating a need to prepare professionals to fill the skills gap.

The Principles of ESG and Sustainability certificate leverages the diverse faculty and disciplines of two of ASU’s leading-edge schools — W. P. Carey School of Business and the School of Sustainability — and distills ESG concepts into concise and actionable knowledge.

From greenhouse gas accounting to sustainable supply chains, learners discuss real-world examples and how to deliver sustainable success in a variety of different contexts. The program consists of eight short, self-paced courses designed to be accessible for working learners.

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Sustainability Analyst Fundamentals Specialization

Developed by experts from the ASU School of Sustainability in partnership with Google, this program introduces the role of a sustainability analyst, assesses sustainability challenges that face the planet and employers, and equips learners with the foundational skills needed to address these challenges. By developing competency in goal-setting, reporting and data analysis, learners who complete the specialization will be able to make an immediate impact on their current or future organization as a sustainability analyst.

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