Workforce Development

Building the workforce of the future

Accelerating technological change is rapidly decreasing the shelf life of job skills and creating opportunities through the disruption of a wide range of economic sectors. ASU’s assignment from the state for the New Economy Initiative is to help build a robust workforce through education to ensure that Arizona’s workers are equipped with the skills to thrive in the new economy – and to guarantee that Arizona’s businesses have access to the talent they need to prosper.

ASU is advancing multiple programs and opportunities to meet the needs of employers and workers alike through rapid upskilling and re-skilling in high-demand fields. These programs will help to ensure that Arizona citizens have what they need to land good paying jobs and that businesses are equipped with a skilled workforce to help them thrive in the new economy and contribute to statewide prosperity.

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CareerCatalyst: Creating opportunity and meeting industry needs

Arizona State University CareerCatalyst was launched to leverage the expertise of ASU’s world-renowned faculty and industry experts to develop broad career education programs for working learners. Using the latest in workforce education technology, CareerCatalyst’s learning design specialists develop programs that engage learners with practical, real-world learning experiences that serve learners and employers in New Economy industries.

To ensure that CareerCatalyst programs have immediate value to Arizona, ASU has collaborated deeply with industry partners at every stage of program development and delivery. We recognize that each person has unique needs no matter where they are in their career journey. That’s why we developed a comprehensive approach to skills education, addressing both Professional ‘Human’ Skills and Technical / Functional Skills.

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Professional Skills for Everyone Series: on-demand training for leadership

ASU is developing a portfolio of foundational professional skills programs that help learners across functional roles thrive in the 21st century workplace. As automation and digitization transform work, “human” skills – like working with others and continually adapting to new contexts and learning new skills – will remain vital for success at work.

These skills are rarely taught directly or comprehensively in traditional education programs. By teaching these skills directly, ASU will empower a skilled workforce with the competencies and skills required to achieve a positive impact at scale in Arizona.

  • 6 programs launching Summer 2022; additional programs launching in Fall 2022
  • Flexible, convenient and relevant for early career learners
  • Priced for access to maximize impact and scale
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Growing the Pipeline of Talent for the Microelectronics Sector

ASU is committed to developing a diverse pipeline of talent – including technicians, engineers, and supporting experts – to support the growth of the microelectronics sector. To achieve that goal, ASU’s strategy is to leverage the breadth and depth of ASU faculty, industry and government partnerships to rapidly develop programs that serve the microelectronics sector.

Our commitment to reach learners across Arizona and around the nation means developing programs in modular formats that can be delivered across multiple platforms and modalities. ASU, led by the Fulton Schools of Engineering team, is releasing eight on-demand microelectronics programs in 2022, with additional development planned for 2023.