PERFORM: Performance Engineering and Research for Optimizing Response Mechanisms STC

The Performance Engineering and Research for Optimizing Response Mechanisms (PERFORM) Science and Technology Center (STC) is an ASU research and development center supported by the Arizona New Economy Initiative. STCs are responsible for leveraging ASU-industry partnerships to enable research innovation, entrepreneurship and tech transfer in areas key to the future of Arizona’s economy.

The PERFORM STC seeks to create technologies to positively impact health and well-being, improving humans’ cognitive and physical performance and medical outcomes across the lifespan. The PERFORM STC has three thrust areas: devices, assessment and performance multipliers.


Developing devices and associated data processing techniques that improve human health and performance, including sports equipment, biomedical devices, wearable health technology, educational technology and performance data analytics.


Creating assessment technologies to analyze human mental, physical and emotional well-being and fitness with the goal of integrating wellness-inducing behaviors to optimize health, well-being and performance.

Performance multipliers

Advancing understanding of how devices and computers can utilize bio-interfaces to improve human performance, including for workers, athletes and individuals with disabilities.


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Funding Opportunity Announcement

PERFORM is soliciting proposals for corporate projects, due May 31.

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Current Projects

First projects will be announced in Spring 2023