Get Involved with NEI

ASU's assignment in the New Economy Initiative is a collaborative effort intended to maximize many opportunities for involvement. How can we work together with you?

Whether you're a prospective or current partner, student, faculty member, or are just curious to learn more, we'd like to work with you to advance Arizona's New Economy.

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Corporate Partners

  • Engage with an STC
  • Connect with faculty
  • Leverage ASU core facilities
  • Expand your workforce
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Faculty Members

  • Launch a project at an STC
  • Obtain research funding
  • Connect with industry partners
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  • Apply for an Innovation Fellowship
  • Apply for the STC Entrepreneurship Fellowship
  • Learn about research opportunities
  • Pursue an internship

Connect with the New Economy Initiative

Please share a bit of information on the form to help us determine who at ASU should contact you to discuss the possibilities.